Background & Education

Born in the East Midlands, raised through London, Hong Kong and an international boarding school in Surrey. I am very proud of my muiltcultured childhood and it has given me a great edge in communication and my work. I graduated from Ealing Studios Met Film School & Bournemouth University, where I received a leadership commendation. I freelance, mentor and volunteer across many projects in various capacities, from my most passionate craft in scriptwriting to producing, directing, cinematography and editing.


Focus & Relationships

Communication and preparation are essential for a great production. I regularly lead teams of various sizes, build budgets from scratch, work with high-level talent from actors to composers and regularly teach new filmmakers, including Silver Arts award students at the BFI Film Academy in camera and editing. I have always aimed high and encouraged others to do the same, resulting in a number of recognitions and awards with some great contacts and long-term relationships that have served me well. In essence, this is where ‘DanFam’ derives its name. A lot of the time a creative project can seem like working with an extended family, I guess. A film is nothing without the team and only as good as the filmmaking family that it takes to create them.

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Philippa Goslett (screenwriter) - my best teacher whom I was taught under during

my time at Ealing Studios.

Features: Little Ashes, How To Talk To Girls At Parties

Shorts: Jerusalem, Candy


Darren Paul Fisher (screenwriter, director & producer) - my very first teacher who

taught me the mechanics of film-making.

Features: Inbetweeners, Popcorn, Frequencies


Josh Appignanesi (screenwriter & director) - my best related teacher to when I started

taking my films to the next level with every word spoken, every shot that was listed.

Features: Song Of Songs, The Infidel

Shorts: Nine & a Half Minutes, Little Man


Philippe Longchamp (script editor) - a strong credit to any rookie like me back then, if there

was a person immune to 'Writers Block' it was this guy.

Features: Thelma & Louise, Pulp Fiction, Blue Velvet

Shorts: Ein Tiel von Mir


Paul Wheeler, Faye (yep, no surname, just her first... & she's awesome!) & Mark Bond -

Paul came first; a director of photography guru, from my first class with him, I understood why he got paid so much & was author of so many camera textbooks. Faye was my best camera mentor & finally Mark was the last when the world moved into digital, empowering me with a richer understanding of camera theory and practical applications.

Features: King Lear, The Optician, Pride & Prejudice, Sunshine, Love's Kitchen

TV: Inspector Morse, Bergerac, Closer To Truth, Brian Sewell's Grand Tour


Karoline Moser & Christian Bauer - taught me how to edit films professionally during my time at Ealing Studios, I hated computers but these two can teach anyone.

Features: Tara Road, The Count Of Monte Cristo

TV: Dirty Tricks, Touching Evil, Extraordinary People Shorts: Life On Road, The Flirting Club


The Ultimate Screenplay Format Reference - One I recommend for your scriptwriting techincalities, such as how to write montages,  music transitions, slow motion etc.


The Hollywood Standard by Christopher Vogler - Up there with Robert McKee and Linda Seger, here is an easy checklist on your script format needs... Very handy!


Script Format Guide - If you're worried your question(s) regarding format maybe silly or you're simply not sure then make sure you take a look at this.

2008 grad 2

*taken on graduation night 2008




Throughout my nomadic life, moving around there were few people that I got to stick with in life and role models were nowhere to be seen or bother giving their time of day -

Most of my icons of strength and encouragement were fictional, I owe much more to the film and gaming industry world than most would admit and I'll never for get them:



My childhood hero from the 'Metal Gear' gaming franchise (ironically which began on the same year as my birthday). Somewhat like myself from being raised in many places, Snake has battled with some nasty betrayals and fierce opponents and yet he keeps going. Trapped and yet set free by the only thing he knows he's good at, what he was created for 'fighting.' Wisdom and determination and focussed on the mission no matter the complications. Remembered by others by helping them find their own reasons to keep fighting.



Based on a true story, from my favourite film and favourite actor, Denzel Washington plays Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, racially discriminated, shamed and imprisoned falsely for 17 years. A boxer, selling his story to the outside, inspires a benevolent family to take the investigation into their own hands embracing the power of writing to embrace the value of life. I hope the stories I write in my life, will help do the same for others.




Yes, another boxer but this time created from the writings of Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa. For me, he is the definition of willpower, his sluggish battle through life, working in similar jobs I did, tolerance for others really helped me get on board with the character, every time you watch these films its like you take the punches with him. I am of course a proud Rocky DVD boxset owner, which will never be misplaced nor forgotten.



One of the best directors and a benchmark for British film-makers (although doesn't seem to smile a great deal). Always seems to have such great visual control over the films he is given. Alike myself having been brought up by a tough mother, pioneered his monumental success with 'Alien' since 1979 empowered women in film (Thelma & Louise, G.I Jane) as well as allowing us to explore some historic times (Gladiator, American Gangster)

rocky ridley



Not only the writer & director of two brilliant films, 'Casino' & 'Goodfellas' but still going strong as a producer and director of some brilliant films that have that unexpected 'slap around the face' towards the end that send the story in a completely different direction. Something I try to make sure there's something original about every story I do, I remember his book 'On Film-Making' and always force myself to think "is this the best I can make it?" and therein starts the rewrite (annoying but it needs to happen) A brilliant man!



The only one who made sequels a good idea with 'Aliens' & 'Terminator 2.' A writer and director, one who also knows where the moneys at. They all laughed when he went in with the idea of 'The Terminator' (another miracle of 1984!) - guess he has the last laugh now (shame it then became a brand others made a pigs ear of it from 'Terminator 3 onwards!'). Also having landed some of the biggest money-making films in history with 'Titanic' and 'Avatar.'

james cameron marty


Star Wars Lightsaber Fights - They're Just Awesome!


Ferocity & Rivals - by Blind Wave Productions

Concrete Hustle - by Infectious Design

Jedi Ninjas - by Team 2X & GakAttack

Muwgli VS Beowulf - by Jean-Jacques Ernest

The Angry Joe Show - Honest gaming & film reviews delivered by someone who is not only fun but with the balls to say it out loud

The Philip DeFranco Show - Short, sweet and 'honest' news from around the world with a great personality with some fun thrown in

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Youtubers Of Interest

Film, Gaming Fans & Fun Corner

Something Blue, 1 Hazel, 1 Shelbourne, 2 Echo Screen, 1 Solid Snake

Nostalgia Critic - Analytic fun reviews of films from days of old delivered in a variety of entertaining ways. His catchprase 'I'm The Nostalgia Critic - I remember it so you don't have to' is definitely one of the best I've ever heard. A very funny but clever guy!

Watch Girls Play - A funny team of girl gamers and internet meddlers with a great sense of humour that play / watch the most shocking stuff and toy at your inner nerd - Great fun!



Hollywood Talent Summit, HCF Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalist (2019)


Coverfly Red List Top 20 International Screenplays (2018/9)


Bucharest ShortCut CineFest Finalist (2018)


Los Angeles Film Awards Winner (2017)


Royal Television Society Awards Nominee (2017)


Screencraft Semi-Finalist (2017)


Shorts Off (Cymru Bafta) Film Festival Finalist (2017)


Film Expo South - Three Counties Script Competition Finalist (2017)


Creation Film Festival Winner (2016)


Cambridge TV, Virgin Media Broadcast (2016)


Red Ditch Halloween Film Festival Semi-Finalist (2016)


The Latest, Brighton & Hove Freeview Broadcast

'Best Of Season 3' (2016)


Accolade Global Film Competition Winner (2016)


London Screenwriters Festival Finalist (2016)


Nashville Film Festival Semi-Finalist (2016)


Digital Filmmaker Magazine Interview - 6 Page Feature

'Altered Images' (2016)

React Channel - Watch the reactions of teens to elders vieweing / playing the same content as you. Its always interesting and entertaining to see how the reactions between generations change.

Symphony Of Fate crew shot Twuisted, Wrap Shot


Allegro - English For Beginners 

An advert about immigration and the undying spirit of learning. A terrific narrative with an incredibly touching ending that lends itself to the magic of language. If you don't don't feel the impact at the end, there's something wrong with you.

Royal Television Society Awards JTG Team, Roof