Background & Education

Born in the East Midlands, raised through London, Hong Kong and an international boarding school in Surrey. I am very proud of my muiltcultured childhood and it has given me a great edge in communication and my work. I graduated from Ealing Studios Met Film School & Bournemouth University, where I received a leadership commendation. I freelance, mentor and volunteer across many projects in various capacities, from my most passionate craft in scriptwriting to producing, directing, cinematography and editing.


Focus & Relationships

Communication and preparation are essential for a great production. I regularly lead teams of various sizes, build budgets from scratch, work with high-level talent from actors to composers and regularly teach new filmmakers, including Silver Arts award students at the BFI Film Academy in camera and editing. I have always aimed high and encouraged others to do the same, resulting in a number of recognitions and awards with some great contacts and long-term relationships that have served me well. In essence, this is where ‘DanFam’ derives its name. A lot of the time a creative project can seem like working with an extended family, I guess. A film is nothing without the team and only as good as the filmmaking family that it takes to create them.

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Lift-Off Film Festival Official Selection (2020)


x2 Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival Winner (2020)


x2 Top Indie Film Awards Winner (2020)


Digital Filmmaker Magazine Interview - 7 Page Feature

'Street Survivor' (2019)


Oniros Film Awards Winner (2019)


Indie Film Chart Winner (2019)    


x2 Coverfly Red List Top 20 International Screenplays (2018/9)


Bucharest ShortCut CineFest Finalist (2018)


Los Angeles Film Awards Winner (2017)


Royal Television Society Awards Nominee (2017)


Screencraft Semi-Finalist (2017)


Shorts Off (Cymru Bafta) Film Festival Finalist (2017)


Creation Film Festival Winner (2016)


Accolade Global Film Competition Winner (2016)


London Screenwriters Festival Finalist (2016)


Nashville Film Festival Semi-Finalist (2016)

Symphony Of Fate crew shot Twuisted, Wrap Shot Royal Television Society Awards JTG Team, Roof