Background & Education

Born in the East Midlands, raised through London, Hong Kong and an international boarding school in Surrey. I am very proud of my muiltcultured childhood and it has given me a great edge in communication and my work. I graduated from Ealing Studios Met Film School & Bournemouth University, where I received a leadership commendation. I freelance, mentor and volunteer across many projects in various capacities, from my most passionate craft in scriptwriting to producing, directing, cinematography and editing.


Focus & Relationships

Communication and preparation are essential for a great production. I regularly lead teams of various sizes, build budgets from scratch, work with high-level talent from actors to composers and regularly teach new filmmakers, including Silver Arts award students at the BFI Film Academy in camera and editing. I have always aimed high and encouraged others to do the same, resulting in a number of recognitions and awards with some great contacts and long-term relationships that have served me well. In essence, this is where ‘DanFam’ derives its name. A lot of the time a creative project can seem like working with an extended family, I guess. A film is nothing without the team and only as good as the filmmaking family that it takes to create them.

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Digital Filmmaker Magazine Interview - 7 Page Feature

'Street Survivor' (2019)


Oniros Film Awards Winner (2019)


Indie Film Chart Winner (2019)


    Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival Winner (2019)  


Hollywood Talent Summit, HCF Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalist (2019)


x2 Coverfly Red List Top 20 International Screenplays (2018/9)


Bucharest ShortCut CineFest Finalist (2018)


Los Angeles Film Awards Winner (2017)


Royal Television Society Awards Nominee (2017)


Screencraft Semi-Finalist (2017)


Shorts Off (Cymru Bafta) Film Festival Finalist (2017)


Film Expo South - Three Counties Script Competition Finalist (2017)


Creation Film Festival Winner (2016)


Cambridge TV, Virgin Media Broadcast (2016)


Accolade Global Film Competition Winner (2016)


London Screenwriters Festival Finalist (2016)


Nashville Film Festival Semi-Finalist (2016)

Symphony Of Fate crew shot Twuisted, Wrap Shot Royal Television Society Awards JTG Team, Roof