Chambal International Film Festival (2020)

Los Angeles Film Awards Winner (2019)

Los Angeles Film Awards 'Inspiring Woman In A Film' Actress (2019)

Oniros Film Awards Winner (2019)

Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards - Best Director (2019)

Independent Horror Movie Awards Nominee

Best Original Concept / Best Atmosphere (2019)

Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival (2019)

Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival Winner

Best Micro Short / Best Horror Short / Best Script (2019)

Indie Film Chart Winner Best Actor (2019)

Just Before Midnight Winner (2019)

Oniros Film Awards (2019)

Hollywood Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalist (2019)

Coverfly Red List Top 20 International Screenplays (2018/9)

Lift-Off Sessions (2018)

Bucharest ShortCut CineFest Finalist (2018)

Indiewise Convention Finalist (2018)

Beer Town Festival (2018)

Los Angeles Film Awards Winner (2017)

Feature Film Festival For Drama Screenplay Shortlist (2017)

Fake Flesh Film Fest (2017)

Top Indie Film Awards

Best Original Idea & Best Experimental Short (2017)

Screencraft Semi-Finalist (2017)

Berlin Flash Film Festival (2017)

Top Indie Film Awards Nomination (2017)

Royal Television Society Awards Nominee (2017)

Shorts Off, Bafta Cymru Finalist (2017)

Film Expo South - Three Counties Script Competition Challenge Finalist (2017)

Creation Film Festival Winner Best Actor & Best Short Film (2016)

Cambridge TV Virgin Media Broadcast (2016)

Red Ditch Halloween Film Festival Semi-Finalist (2016)

Film London - Films In The City Screening (2016)

Post Mortem (2016)

Ozark Shorts (2016)

TIF Video Challenge, Photography Contest & Story Challenge (2016)

Accolade Global Film Competition Winner (2016)

Brighton & Hove Virgin Media Broadcast (2016)

London Screenwriters Festival Finalist (2016)

Digital Filmmaker Magazine Feature (2016)

Nashville Film Festival Semi-Finalist (2016)

Texas Ultimate Shorts (2016)

Script Reporter to 'Life Expectancy' Shore Scripts Winner (2015)

International Psychoanalytical Association Video Awards (2015)

Blackbird Film Fest (2015)

Visionaria (2015)

Los Angeles CineFest (2015)

Screencraft (BIFF) Writers Residency Program Quarter Finalist (2015)

Shore Scripts Essay Publication (2015)

Rahway International Film Festival Best Actress Winner (2015)

Blue Cat Screenplay Competition Shortlist (2015)

Best Shorts Competition Winner (2015)

Future Filmmakers Festival (2015)

Whatever Pictures Shortlist (2014)

Prince Charles Cinema & BFI Future Film Screening (2014)

5 Lamps Films (2014)

The Short Cinema Film Festival (2014)

Forest Hill Summer Screening (2014)

Novella Showcase Broadcast (2014)

BSL Zone Pitch Shortlist (2014)

American Online Film Awards Showcase Nomination (2013)

Cascade Writers Lounge Shortlist (2013)

Portobello Film Festival (2013)

Short Film Cinema 1 Best Shorts Recognition AOFA new Rahway International Film Festival, Best Actress London Screenwriters Festival, Create50 Accolade Global Film Competition, 1 Creation Film Festival Shorts Off, 2017 RTS Laurel OFFICIAL SELECTION - POST MORTEM - 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION - Visionaria - 2015 OFFICIAL SELECTION - Berlin Flash Film Festival - SURVIVOR tifa-2017-nominee-best-original-idea tifa-2017-nominee-best-experimental-short FINALIST-GrandIndieWiseConvention-2018_preview Bucharest ShortCut CineFest, Finalist HCF Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalist Guilt & Denial, Los Angeles Motion Picture Festiva Echo Screen, Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, Echo Screen, Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, OFFICIAL SELECTION - Fake Flesh Film Fest - 2017 Indie Film Chart Winner, Best Actor ihma-2019-nominee-best-atmosphere ihma-2019-nominee-best-original-concept Oniros Film Awards Winner LAFA, Winner CIFF Laurel 2020 jpeg LAFA, Best Actress Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards