For the projects that require a budget that is out of my reach or simply would prefer to enrich its vision with others or those who just want to see what other work I have been concentrating on.

Realm - Feature

adventure / sci-fi / fantasy


Secrets and bad blood of a frightful legend corrupts a young soldier's strength leading him to the fight of his life along his arch rival as he uncovers the conspiracy that holds him key to the planet's harmony.


Hollywood Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalist (2019)


Bucharest ShortCut CineFest Finalist (2018)


Nashville Screenwriting Competition Semi-Finalist (2016)


Screencraft (BIFF) Writers Residency Program Quarter Finalist (2015)

Solace of Faith - Short

religion / drama

A family’s faith and grievance forges an unexpected unification of Christian & Musilm faith to restore balance to the community.

Digital Love Inc. - Short

sci-fi / drama / romance

A greedy corporation providing virtual romance pushes a desperate man to the edge that puts them all in jeopardy.

The Crossing - Short


Inertia - Feature

thriller / fantasy

Two lovers, involved in a car accident forces the survivor to realise life's worth.

A doctor creates an illegal drug that reconnects people with their deceased loved ones whilst a detective investigates its harmful effects and ethical integrity.


Feature Film Festival For Drama Screenplay Shortlist (2017)


Wildsound Festival - Best Of Feature Film Loglines (2015)


Cascade Writers Lounge Pitch (2013)

Franky & Zed - Feature

animation / adventure

Two young shapeshifting, mutant brothers crafted by evil become a city's only hope to fight back against a corrupt mayor set on destroying it.

A recent heartbreak unexpectedly lands a young man into his first childminding experience but takes away an overwhelming new sense of self-worth.

Zack 'n' Zoe - Short


Waterproof - Short

sci-fi / drama

A mourning husband saves his daughter from cancer through cryogenic sleep and is about to be reunited with her after 21 years.


Film Expo South Three Counties Challenge Script Competition Finalist (2017)

Frighteners - feature

action / horror

A military experiment to remove the emotion of fear goes wrong, creating a terrifying creature that instead uses it to hunt down & kill those in its path.