A probational experiment forces its newest chosen convict to confront the horror of her crime in order to win her freedom.


~ Writer, Producer, Director, Editor ~

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A modern working man’s alter ego triggers his mid-life crisis into a dark journey of drugs, sex and guns that escalates beyond his control.


- Producer -

The split egos of an offender are forced to confront each other in a nightmare where only one can survive.


- Writer, Cinematographer -

From the EP of music vocalist & pianist; Lauren Stubbs.


- Cinematographer -

Red Ditch Halloween Film Festival, 4 FlawlessPoster International Film Festival, Best Director International Film Festival, Best Short Creation International Film Festival, Best Actor

One sister frames another to further herself in a bitter, competitive pursuit in the fashion industry until the other is finally released 5 years later & is determined to beat her.


- 2nd AC -

Fate (chinese TV show)

Symphony Of Fate

A cocky student accidentally brings young philosopher Aristotle into our future and tries to exploit him to pass her college exams.


- Co-writer, Producer, Director -

15272102_1342664205753304_7473943573673102541_o Paper Stain

A boy falls in love with the words from a lost diary, and decides to seek out its owner and his soulmate.

- 1st AC

An unsuspecting investigator stumbles across a dangerous asylum with dark secrets. The more she discovers, the harder it will become for her to escape.


- Cinematographer -

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A widow's realisation of her own fading delusion finally lifts so that she can finally accept his death.


- Cinematographer, Editor -

* Coverfly Red List International Top 20 (2018)

* Screencraft Film Fund Semi-Finalist (2017)

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Berlin Flash Film Festival - HazelPoster-Compressed-Thumb tifa-2017-nominee-best-original-idea OFFICIAL SELECTION - Fake Flesh Film Fest - 2017 Twisted Poster, 2 OFFICIAL SELECTION - POST MORTEM - 2016