A probational experiment forces its newest chosen convict to confront the horror of her crime in order to win her freedom.


~ Writer, Producer, Director, Editor ~

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A modern working man’s alter ego triggers his mid-life crisis into a dark journey of drugs, sex and guns that escalates beyond his control.


- Producer -

The split egos of an offender are forced to confront each other in a nightmare where only one can survive.


- Writer, Cinematographer -

From the EP of music vocalist & pianist; Lauren Stubbs.


- Cinematographer -

Red Ditch Halloween Film Festival, 4 FlawlessPoster International Film Festival, Best Director International Film Festival, Best Short Creation International Film Festival, Best Actor

One sister frames another to further herself in a bitter, competitive pursuit in the fashion industry until the other is finally released 5 years later & is determined to beat her.


- 2nd AC -

Fate (chinese TV show)

Symphony Of Fate

A cocky student accidentally brings young philosopher Aristotle into our future and seizes her chance to cheat through her exams.


- Writer, Producer, Director, Editor -

15272102_1342664205753304_7473943573673102541_o Paper Stain

A boy falls in love with the words from a lost diary, and decides to seek out its owner and his soulmate.

- 1st AC -

An unsuspecting investigator stumbles across a dangerous asylum with dark secrets. The more she discovers, the harder it will become for her to escape.


- Associate Producer, Cinematographer -

Shorts Off, 2017

* Coverfly Red List International Top 20 (2018/9)

* Screencraft Film Fund Semi-Finalist (2017)

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A business tycoon is living in fear for his life after mixing with the wrong crowd, leaving his only hope for survival is a determined lawyer with a unique and unusual set of skills.


- 1st Assistant Director -

Guilt & Denial Poster OFFICIAL SELECTION - The Lift-Off Sessions - 2018 Stockholm Independent Film Festival Nomination PLATINUM AWARD - FILM EXPO SOUTH   Script Competit

Parenting Pre-School (Chinese Celebrity Reality TV Show)

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Four celebrity couples come to the UK to hone and develop their skills as new parents.


- Senior Assistant Producer -

600+ million views in 3 months

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A dentist recognises her latest patient as her suspected childhood rapist and seeks her revenge.

- Script Editor -

Layla JTG, Poster, Portrait Echo Screen, Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, Echo Screen, Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, Guilt & Denial, Los Angeles Motion Picture Festiva Just Before Midnight, Best Horror Oniros Film Awards Winner IFC BEST ACTOR WINNER LAURELS Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival LAFA, Best Actress Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards Genre Celebration Festival, Actor Genre Celebration Festival, Win tifa-2019-winner-best-humor tifa-2019-winner-best-writing tifa-2019-nominee-best-editing AltFF Film Festival Jenna Best Com Gold Lift-Off, Official Selection Tagore International Film Festival Winner