Interactive Narrative Short Film inspired by the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' publications.


The world's first female US Navy Seal candidate awakens on a mysterious battlefield that will force her to confront her darkest secrets and a military conspiracy.


~ Writer, Director, Producer, Editor ~


A grieving mother living in denial struggles to adapt after the death of her child until she begins to piece together her daughters spiritual messages from the afterlife.


~ 1st Assistant Director ~


A deaf piano player rediscovers his passion for music through his partner's completion of a special composition.

~ Writer ~

(Radio Play)

A radio show host organises a guest meeting for media personalities to provide their insight into their industries with some ridiculous and outrageous results.


~ Writer, Director, Producer, Editor & Voice Artist ~

Virtuoso Rose


(Radio Play)

A boxer's career is at stake after falling victim to a crime losing his arm at a time when cybernetic advancement has divided our humanity until a young fan tries to save his reputation by giving him an augmentation of his own.

~ Script Editor ~


The confession of a young killer attempts to vindicate herself of guilt from her boyfriends murder  after her prolongued torment but loses all previous sense of self.


~ Cinematographer ~

A Killer's Confession

A promiscuous young lad abuses an online dating app to fulfil his selfish desires until it finally backfires.

- Script Editor -

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Earth is about to be destroyed. Three stories spiritually linked by a set of characters, who take their last chance to resolve their unfinished business & go out in style.


~ Writer, Co-Producer, Director ~

Accolade Global Film Competition, 1 Flirt

A cowardly musician's break-up with his girlfriend spirals out of control and backfires drastically.


- Cinematographer -

RTS Laurel


SURVIVOR London Screenwriters Festival, Create50 FINALIST-GrandIndieWiseConvention-2018_preview HazelPoster-Compressed-Thumb OFFICIAL SELECTION - Berlin Flash Film Festival - OFFICIAL SELECTION - Beer Town Film Festival - 201

A widow's realisation of her own fading delusion finally lifts so that she can finally accept his death.


- Cinematographer, Editor -

Survivor, Awards Poster

* Indie Activity Online Publication (2017)

* Digital Filmmaker Magazine, Altered Images Publication (2015)

Oniros Film Awards Echo Screen, Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival,