A bride struggles to make a decision for what's best for herself and her daughter on her wedding day.


~ Actor -  Edward (Lead's fiance) ~

Something Blue


A writer falls in love with a girl who turns out to be dying from cancer, whom inspires

him out of his writers' block.


~ Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Actor - Mike (Lead’s friend) ~



A young writer struggles with the loss of his partner who immigrates abroad and hides behind

his profession to conceal his inability to adjust.


~ Writer, Producer, Director, Editor ~

Whatever It Takes


Two young lads with naive and conflicting opinions of relationships are put to the test, forcing them to lie to each other in order to save their friendship.


~ Writer, Producer, Director, Editor ~

Switching Beers

Father risking his life from an addiction to a special drug that allows him to revisit his beloved deceased wife.


~  Writer ~

Two young lads ingest pills that transform their voices into the two most unlikeliest of celebrities they could have anticipated.


~ Writer, Director, Producer, Editor & Voice Artist ~

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 15.55.27 Embrace

(Radio Play)

A warlord's quest to save his people leads him to discover an ancient curse.

~ Script Editor ~


The young and naive collide with the mature and wise in a story that explores the chaos of marriage.


~  Writer ~

A struggling exec in a vicious corporation is about to discover himself at the centre of an elaborate scheme designed to change his life forever.


~ Writer ~


A man wakes up in an imprisoning landscape, trying to assemble the clues that lead to his guilty revelation and his inability to move on.


~ Writer ~

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