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Two young lads with naive and conflicting opinions of relationships are put to the test, forcing them to lie to each other in order to save their friendship.


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Something I wish 'I' had when I was learning film, which is now possible because of the digital era. Nepris connects teachers and students with the right industry experts, virtually without having to spend much planning time or leaving the classroom whilst providing an effective way for companies to extend their education outreach along with training and development sessions. I work as one of their teachers in film. So far I've hosted talks from basic screenwriting to adaptation and even book trailers.

BFI Film Academy

THIS is a shining example of what I dream higher education in film can become. The BFI Film Academy forms a key part of the BFI's ambitious plans to revolutionise film education for 16-19 year olds, a core aim of the BFI's Film Forever five year plan to support the future success of UK film. Its funding partners include the Department for Education in England, which has provided £3m for the programme, with the National Lottery, Creative Scotland and Northern Ireland Screen working with the BFI to take the Academy to every nation of the UK. Strategic partners include BAFTA & Pinewood Studios, helping to ensure the Academy is a gold standard film industry-focused educational programme. I would rather send students here to learn employable skills for what they love than writing essays or dissertations employers will never ask for, let alone save them thousands and 5 times more employable. I teach students mainly in camera and editing.

Some Of The Classes I've Covered:

Recommended teaching resource for filmmakers:

Script To Screen - Films with adjoined screenplay to analyse on screen translation - VERY GOOD!

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School Of Motion - Learn graphics & animation programs in 6 weeks from £550 - £800 amongst other things (+ After Effects with Motion Design School -- for £275)

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Created - Learn advanced Motion Design in 9 months under professional guidance. It costs a fair bit more though. £4900.

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Blue Zoo Animation - A leader offering internships, including rigging, animation, modellers, storyboard artsist & scripwriters. Yes, an employer who actually 'gives' experience than just expecting it. They DO exist after all.

* great filmmaker with great instructional content

Online Assistance I Recommend:

Effects For Your Film

Production Crate, for $49 a year, "VERY" good deal, let some masters in VFX & SFX take over & buy some of their help to help your film stand out, pay them a visit - EXTREMELY great value!

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