A showreel for yourself?


Showreel – CV’s with a personality!


Something I first noticed when I started casting actors for my productions – and something that helped them make my decisions each time. Someone with a showreel says one thing; take a look at my past performance(s) and I can help convince you why you should pick me for the job. This got me thinking; why don’t we see more of these in the world. Fair enough, we’ve got CV’s but is that enough? A person is not a piece of paper and do you want a person or a robot?

Even if your potential employer doesn’t see your face (as there’s a quite a lot of camera-shy people out there) there’s nothing that can stop us recording your voice and / or visual material over a music track of your choosing. A showreel demonstrates personality, presentation and performance in ways that a CV cannot. Naturally, there will always be those that come across better from being read about on a CV but for a chance to stand out, professionally, for someone to absorb you as if you were in the same room as your potential employer showing off what makes you different from the other people in their pile of job applicants, are you willing to at least give it a try?




Video files from which you want your showreel ‘s developed from must be sent in a readable format, usually .mov files should do the job, just make sure you’ve got enough footage.

1 minute showreel video - £100

2 minute showreel video - £150

3 minute showreel video - £200


·        * These may not run exactly to the second but they’ll be close enough + for an even more satisfactory result, you can supervise it right by my side to make sure you get the best return for your money.




If you have no footage of yourself, depending on your profession actor / non-actor, I will insist on a meeting, where I will film what needs to be filmed for you but this will be on par with what you pay me. E.g; a simple shoot at your house or in a park or filming you in a hot air balloon, expect to cover my time, equipment and expenses accordingly.


Credentials & Payment arrangement:


Whatever your choice, you will pay half the fee upfront and half upon delivery.

I shan’t bother wasting time telling you about myself, just imagine you’ve got my CV and access to Google and my LinkedIn page already: we’ll test it right now, technically you’re my employer, you’ll be paying me to do something, so check out MY showreel as a filmmaker & make up your own mind if you want me making one for you. It can be similar or as different as you want.



(link, if not re-directed) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hluLy5hi_k&t=1s